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 Online room consulting services
organizing and strage solution by Japanese style

Why Japanese style is good ?

Japan is an advanced country in organizing and storage. This is because Japan is an island nation with a small land area, and the effective use of space has long been an important issue.

Our strong point - professional & data oriented 


Main consultant

Professional Advise

You can get professional advise which is based on the organizing and strage theory from our consultants. All of our consultans are certified by Housekeeping Association Japan.

Scoring your room

Based on our own database, we evaluate and quantify your rooms. It enables you to understand the level of cleaness of your room clearly.


Representative director & CEO , HAKOHARE K.K



Seiri-Shuno Advisor Level 1

Document Filing Advisor

Company Seiri-Shuno Manager

English teacher - Junior High and High school

Japanse teaching specialist for non-Japanse speaker

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